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Under 17 Motor Club Northwest (U17MC-NW)


In a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and

Development (OECD) titled “Young Driver-The Road to Safety” some

of the conclusions and recommendation were.

Young Drivers are 5 times more like to crash the car than an experienced driver. The greatest

risk faced by a young novice driver is in the period immediately following obtaining a licence for

solo driving. Studies have noted that those who practiced more before passing a driving test

have a lower crash rate. Training should be conducted in such a manner as to allow young,

novice drivers to attain high levels of experience before solo driving. Pursue educational

programmes and campaigns at an early stage, well before young people actually start driving,

to actively encourage children to adopt safe attitude towards driving.


The U17MC North West has evolved over many years of motor sport activity (30+ by some on the committee),

 with several partners working together for a common goal - to help educate young riders & drivers. 

We hope to help young drivers be safe on the road and want to acquire safe driving skills.


Many countries have a Graduated Driving Licence (GDL) to limit some of the risk for young

drivers. Learning to drive takes lots of practice and time. The U17MC Northwest hope to allow

members to have up to three years driving practice before going on the road and then give

them encouragement to gain more driving skills once passing the driving test. They will also be

encouraged to help train the 14 to 17 year old young members. This will help them to confirm

the knowledge and give valuable “life” skills. Development of more opportunities at Motorsport

events has now removed the barriers to young drivers and they have several disciplines

available from the age of 14 years old.


Under 17 Motor Club Northwest (U17MC-NW)

This club will be a not for profit organisation working with partners to deliver courses. These may be

Training Providers, Road Safety Groups, Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), Royal Society for the Prevention of

Accidents (RoSPA), MSUK motor clubs and many others (the U17MC-Northwest is a MSUK club in its own right).


This new club looks to build on the principles above and work with many partners to deliver

driving education to young persons and allow them to develop the skills and attitude to become

a safe driver. It is proposed that membership will be open to all at a very low fee (£5 per Adult

or family including all children under 21) addition costs will be for courses or sessions.

The Grades that the U17MC-northwest uses are listed below; they will incorporate assessments

to allow the upgrading of students.


U17MC Northwest Grade

Skill Level

Advanced Adult Adult with IAM RoSPA or “Blue light” trained
Adult Adult
Advanced Driver IAM or RoSPA
Pass Plus Extra Pass Plus Extra
Driver ** DSA Test
Pre Driver 4 * Autosolo (@ age 16)
Pre Driver 3 Production Car Autotest / Pre-Driver 3
Pre Driver 2 Pre-Driver 2
Pre Driver 1 Pre Driver/ Taster Session


The driving courses available within the northwest by training providers who support the U17MC

Northwest will help to bring the skills of parents and the young person to that of Pre Driver 3.


Once a member is at Pre Driver 3 they can then gain extra practice at the many Production Car Autotests

throughout the northwest most months. There are 7 to 10 Production Car Autotests in the North

West from March to December each year these dates will be on the clubs website.


*   In order to reach Pre Driver 4 a member must have attended two sessions from the following :


• First on scene – It could happen to you
• First aid in Motorsport
• Fire Fighting extinguisher
MSA Registered marshal


**   In order to reach the Driver grade the a2om on-line course should be completed (free) and attendance at

Driving skills for life course by the member & Parent or Guardian. Grade 2 Assessment will require this

safety input.


Sessions for Pre Driver & Pre Driver 2 can be booked on line by members. These will take place normally

in October, November, February and March Subject to demand, extra events can also take place if



Members will be responsible to keep a record of their training and development and when ready put

themselves forward for grade assessment/reassessment.


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