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Full membership is required to attend a course. Membership per family (2 adults & all children 21 and

under) is £5. A course may be run for groups of young persons from organisations the membership fee will

be £2 each person. All course fees must be paid to the course provider before the course starts.


Each Member (i.e. under the age of 18) should have an responsible adult with them, (who is preferably,

but not necessarily, a parent), responsible for him/her who will be present at each meeting. This person

must have held a Full Driving Licence for at least three years AND be over the age of 21. Active

participation is needed from all members to run the club, and in particular, to ensure safety at meetings.


The Grades that the U17MC-northwest uses are listed below; they will incorporate assessments to allow the

upgrading of students.


U17MC Northwest Grade

Skill Level

Advanced Adult Adult with IAM RoSPA or “Blue light” trained
Adult Adult
Advanced Driver IAM or RoSPA
Pass Plus Extra Pass Plus Extra
Driver ** DSA Test
Pre Driver 4 * Autosolo (@ 16)
Pre Driver 3 Production Car Autotest / Pre-Driver 3
Pre Driver 2 Pre-Driver 2
Pre Driver 1 Pre Driver/ Taster Session

For more information concerning membership of the Under 17 Motor Club (North West) please contact


(We will get back to you)

Please download a Membership Form

*   In order to reach Pre Driver 4 a member must have attended two sessions from the following :


• First on scene – It could happen to you
• First aid in Motorsport
• Fire Fighting extinguisher
MSA Registered marshal


**   In order to reach Driver the a2om on-line course should be completed (free) and attendance at

Driving skills for life course by the member & Parent or Guardian. Grade 2 Assessment will require this

safety input.