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The MotorSports UK (MSUK) is recognised as the sole motor sport governing body for the United Kingdom by the world governing body,

the Federation Internationale de l'Autombile (FIA).

As the governing body, the MSUK is responsible for the governance and administration of all major forms of motor sport within the UK.

The MSUK implements these rules, known as General Regulations, to govern the conduct of motor sports. These rules are made and amended by the Motor Sports Council, which is the 'parliament' of motorsports, while the MSUK acts as the 'civil service'.

The British Grand Prix and the Rally of Great Britain are the flagship motor sports events in the UK however the MSUK is also concerned with the 34,000 licence holders, 10,000 volunteers & officials, and the 5,000 events taking place in the UK each year.

To find out more about the MSUK, it's associates and it's initiatives, both locally and nationally, please visit the following pages :

ANWCC Disciplines Greenpower Marshal of the Year MSUK U18 MSUK Licence Scouts Training

Motorsport UK has announced changes for 2020 that will affect the events the above clubs run and all UK motor clubs.

Permit Fees

All Motorsport UK Per Capita Permit fees are increasing by a flat fee of £5 per entrant across all events.


Motorsport UK have issued the following statement

“At a grass roots level, this can represent a higher proportionate increase. With the introduction of the free RS Clubman licence – for which many people pay in the existing equivalent licence type – the financial contribution from the competitor will be made via permits, representing a shift to a ‘pay-as-you-play’ system.
In general, the shift better reflects a fair differential between the various permit tiers”


The above change unfortunately means that entry fees for all events run by the above three clubs will increase by a minimum of £5 to make the running of the events financial viable for the clubs.


Please see the information - New Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence from 2020.

 Due to these changes, all drivers and passengers need to obtain this new ‘FREE’ licence for 2020 if they wish to continue to enter the Autosolo, Autotest and PCA events run by the above three clubs and any similar events run by other motor clubs.

Over the last 3 years, the clubs have continued to invest new equipment to run our events to give you the competitor a great day out. We hope you will continue to enjoy the events at Blackburn and Lymm. We shall continue to monitor costs and entry numbers at our events.

For latest information please go to our facebook page-

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