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Highly Commended

This year's winners of the JLT MSA Club of the Year (2012) are Shenington Kart Racing Club,

congratulations to them. In respect of ourselves :

"This Club presents a refreshing and interesting concept to bring new people into the

sport, whilst equally making a contribution to road safety and social and community

responsibility - perhaps a model for future development across the country. As with any

Club, the energy and drive of those who run the Club is key, and being led by Steve

Johnson, probably one of the most active Go Motorsport Regional Develpment

Officers, and formerly one of the people responsible for delivering motor sport content as

part of a Road Safety Casualty Reduction Programme in the North West of England (and

which has been the recipient of several regional and national awards for its

achievements), then that energy to drive the Club is guaranteed.

The Club uses multiple pre-driver courses (using trained driving instructors) open to

anyone aged 14+ to introduce them to practical driving experience through motorsport,

initially in a Production Car Autotest, but also including exposure to marshalling,

timekeeping and result experiences.

Using Regional Association dedicated championships, the drivers are then encouraged to

compete at this level in a range of disciplines.

During National Motorsport Week, the club ran a prize draw to win an arrive and drive package

at an Autosolo or PCA with the availability of a driving instructor if needed, a draw won

by a 14 year old from Derbyshire.

The Club's activities regularly feature in local and regional newspapers in the North West area.

Having both a junior (under 25) and a senior Club Committee is also seen as a way of

engaging young people in the current and future of the sport. The Club networks effectively with

local businesses and  organisations who see motorsport as a safe alternative for young people to drive fast,

but under regulation, in controlled surroundings, rather than racing illegally at night on the streets of

our urban areas with their often tragic outcomes. The Club also make the point that, despite their title,

they encourage everyone, and not just under 17's, into motor sport."


Wins a commemorative certificate in the MSA's 2012 Club of the Year

(endorsed by the Association of North Western Car Clubs)

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