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There are multiple disciplines within UK motor sport.

Motor Sport offers "equal opportunities" at all levels, although there are a few legal exemptions, including certain competitor disabilities and minimum ages for both competing and officiating.

Car Racing Circuit racing enjoys the highest profile, thanks largely due to the popularity of F1, and with more than 200 race meetings at the 17 race circuits throughout the British Isles, there are countless opportunities to get to grips with racing cars
Karting Traditionally the starting point for racing drivers, karting can give competitors their first experience of wheel-to-wheel action. As karts can be significantly cheaper than cars, karting can offer huge opportunities for aspiring racers at a fraction of the cost.
Rallying Rallying is equally diverse. While the stars of tomorrow are perfecting their spectacular driving skills in the premiere MSA British Rally Championship, road rallies are one of the cheapest forms of motor sports available. All you need is a road legal car plus, of course, a desire to have some fun on four wheels.

This discipline includes both Special Stage and Road/Navigational rallying

Cross Country For those wanting to tackle more inhospitable terrain, a wide range of Cross Country events are on offer including competitive safaris, hill rallies and trials.
Rallycross Then there is rallycross an explosive sport that combines much of the pulsating head-to-head competition offered by circuit racing with the slippery surfaces usually reserved for rallying.
Autocross Autocross boasts many similar attractions, although cars compete individually against the clock on a temporary circuit laid out on a grass field.
Autotests & Autosolos Autotests, put the emphasis on precision driving rather than flat out speed, employing spin turns, reverse flicks and handbrake turns to negotiate the set route in the shortest possible time.
Hill Climbs & Sprints Hill climbs and Sprints are also run against the clock but this time over a measured distance at venues ranging from disused airfields to the driveways of picturesque private estates.
Drag Racing For those who want something even faster, drag racing takes sprinting to its extreme with a wide variety of classes catering for road-going saloons to flame-spitting 300mph machines.
Trials Trials are the oldest form of motor sport that gave rise to hill climbs, sprints, rallies and autotests. The competitive element in a trial is the ability to climb gradients of varying difficulty.

This discipline includes Car Trials, Sporting Trials and Classic Trials

Marshalling For those wishing to become involved with motor sport - but not as a competitor, there can be no better introduction than as a marshal or official. These volunteers carry out a wide range of duties, all of which contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the event. Volunteers are welcome at any age, although the duties of young people may be limited in certain situations.

Grateful thanks to the Motor Sports Association (MSA) for the above information.

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