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Greenpower promotes engineering as a rewarding career to anyone aged 9-25, while also focusing on sustainability, teamwork
and the community.

Our aim is to to advance education in the subjects of sustainable engineering and technology to young people.

In respect of Motorsport, Greenpower organises and supports

- Greenpower Goblins

The Greenpower Goblin kit car is designed specifically to offer primary school pupils a chance to get involved in a simple, practical engineering project that embraces many relevant aspects of science and technology in a fun and exciting way.

Getting involved in a Goblin project at school will provide a vehicle to instantly get a large number of Year 5 and 6 pupils involved in all the excitement of building a functional car, in which they will be able to take part in races and competitions. Parents also become involved and participate actively on race days, and many bring involvement from local engineering companies that further stimulates the interest of the pupils. Through Goblin events we have forged long lasting links with secondary schools who are also Greenpower participants, and, by being able to strip down and re-build the kits each year, the initital cost of the kit bears fruit for a number of years.

Each competing member of every team receives a certificate when participating in the annual Gathering of Goblins at Goodwood.

- Formula 24

A carefully thought up specification is issued to secondary schools along with a 24 volt electric motor and a set of 4 12 volt lead/acid batteries. Cars are designed and built within the schools with the help of teachers, co-opted outside engineers, parents and sponsoring companies. They then compete in a number of Greenpower run endurance races throughout the country, using well known motor racing circuits.

- Formula 24+

Formula 24+ is an exciting Formula, aimed at those in further education aged 16-25 years. Anyone that falls into this category can enter, including privateers, youth groups, sixth forms, colleges, universities, graduate schemes and company apprenticeship schemes.

The vehicle regulations are almost identical to Formula 24 for secondary schools the only difference being an increase in allowed vehicle length to cater for taller drivers and allow enhanced aerodynamics.

Seven championship rounds of 90 minutes are held at major motor circuits for Formula 24 + cars during June, July and September. Teams should compete in two races of their choice, plus the final round of the season held at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in October.

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