MSA Licence

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How to choose your MSA Licence

14 years and older (non-Karting)

A Junior Rally licence will only allow you to drive on a Junior Rally that your championship is attending.

Your championship co-ordinator will hold the licence.

If you wish to co-drive, navigate on road/navigation rallies or enter Rallycross, Autocross, Sprints or Hillclimbs (once reaching the correct age) then a Non Race National B licence is the one that should be obtained – do this at the same time as applying for your Junior Rally Licence, this will allow the cheaper licence to be bought at half price.

The chosen additional licence will depend on the level of activity you may wish to have in the year.

If driving on Autotests, Autosolos, Production Car Autotests or Car Trials then a cheaper Clubmans Licence can be purchased, but you will not be able to co drive or navigate on National B Rallies or drive on Rallycross, Autocross, Hillclimbs or Sprints.

Your Junior Stage Rally Driver licence will only cover you to drive on Junior Stage Rallies … a Non Race National B will cover you for all motorsport events (age restrictions apply) that you may wish to compete on as well as your junior Licence.

The MSA will give the first licence free to an under 17 year old.

For advice please contact Steve Johnson (Under 17 Motor Club North-West) on 01254 392663 or e-mail  or Dave Thomas (ANWCC Championship Co-Ordinator) on 07788 995345 or e-mail 

Free for under 17-year-olds. ANWCC gives all those under 17 FREE membership to all its’ championships. To register visit 

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