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The MSUK’s U18 policy sets out the governing body’s position with regard to young competitors and establishes the importance of maintaining their education while competing.

The MSUK will designate as ‘U18-compliant’ those championships and events that commit to uphold the principles outlined in the MSUK’s U18 Policy.

Wherever possible, the MSUK will support young competitors in their mainstream education and will seek to ensure that :

Time spent out of school for the purposes of motor sport activities is minimised

Parents understand the importance of maintaining their child’s education

Education takes precedence over motor sport activity

Motor sport events do not clash with public exam commitments

A supervised ‘quiet area’ is made available for use by students during events

Competitors under 16 years of age wishing to compete in MSUK-sanctioned national championships must have their

championship application form counter-signed by their head teacher


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